Class Rooms & Laboratories:

Vijaya Institute of Management ensures quality education by providing

  • State-of-the art classrooms
  • Well designed and fully equipped laboratories
  • Well qualified Faculty
  • Ample indoor and outdoor extra curricular activities
  • The classrooms are provided with modern teaching aids like multimedia projectors attached with Computers, Slide Projectors, Over Head Projectors etc. These facilities enable the teachers to make the students to get the cream of knowledge

Thousands of books are available in different areas of Management,national and international journals, compact disc versions, are the main highlights of the library. It is also provided with reprographic services and high speed internet connection with numerous terminals thereby assisting the faculty and students to acquire knowledge through sophisticated means.


National Service Scheme (NSS)

Sports & Games:

A well-established playground inside the campus helps the students to build up the physical mite of the users of these facilities. The students are trained in various outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, etc. and indoor games such as chess, table tennis etc.


Students from different parts of India seek knowledge from the college. Thus the campus not only serves to achieve academic pursuits but also provides an excellent opportunity to understand and of their own with other. They also celebrate the festive occasions in their own traditional way. Students also exhibit their excellence in various cultural activities like singing, dancing etc., under the Browns Group of┬ácollege’s cultural committee.