The details of the course are here under.


  • The duration of courses shall be for a total period of 5 years spread over ten semesters.
  • The course shall provide an undergraduate degree in 3 or 4 years,(BM/BAM) followed by a masters degree in five years (MAM) as below
  • Award of a bachelor’s degree (BM) at the end of three years, if one wishes to discontinue the studies OR

a.award of a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Management (*BAM) at the end of four years and

b. award of Master’s degree in Applied Management (MAM) at the end of five years.

Note : (#BAM shall not be awarded to one who has acquired a BM degree however, a certificate for credits acquired at 4th year shall be given)

  • Admissions to these courses shall be based on scores at the Common Aptitude Test. However the admissions in 2014-2015 shall be affected on basis of marks obtained at 12th through a separate merit list created for the purpose based on the following :
Science Stream Commerce Stream Art Stream Total
20 seats 20 seats 20 seats 60 Seats
  • In case of non-availability of students from one stream, remaining seats, may be allotted to other two streams on equal basis. In case of non-availability of students from two streams , remaining seats in those streams may be allotted to students from third stream.


To contribute to the growth of the individuals and the nation at large through Management Education.


To provide quality education for transformational leadership and excellence in management through innovation and creativity.